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Coloma Country Hotel – Remodeled Facilities

remodelThe remodeling of Coloma Country Hotel has given the facility a new face look. Even though they have added new conveniences, the original fashioned charm has been maintained. Both interior and exterior designs have been overhauled to provide a more comfortable stay for the members. New, stylish, and durable concrete pavement has been installed which is suitable for those that want to spend their free time enjoying the outdoor breeze of Coloma. Other installations include lighting and well-landscaped gardens at the rear areas of the club. It is now a better place to hold events and conferences throughout the year.

Right from the entrance, the concrete driveway will direct you to the parking lot by the help of the signboards. However, the structural planning is quite ideal because no view blockage and anyone can view the surrounding and access the facility easily. The walking pavements are clean, while the patios are designated at different places near various amenities. Chairs and tables are placed on various patios for members to relax during day time. The summer seasons have been taken care of because members can relax and enjoy the sun, especially during weekends and holidays.

spaciousThe interior of the facility has been refurbished by adding more fixtures and replacing the old fashioned ones. There are spacious bathrooms with new showerheads and bathtubs. Whether you want a cold or hot shower in the morning, the showerheads are ideal for whichever purpose. In addition to the effective showerheads, the toilets are also quite reliable because they fit every user regardless of the height and size. They are WaterSense certified models and made from easy to clean material that leaves the toilet thoroughly sparkling by a single flush.


The facility’s management understa

modern faucetnds the need to satisfy the members, and therefore new sinks with modern faucets have been installed. The faucets have the best features such that the users do not strain while washing hands or brushing teeth. Depending on what you want, the faucets have specialized valves to regulate water temperature and flow. Back to the washrooms, the floor and walls have high-quality tiles. These enhance ease of cleaning so that the members can enjoy their shower without unpleasant odor.

The improvement work has put the facility at top notch because every asset has been bought from the best brands. In addition the many refurbishments, no more bottled water because of purified RO water system that caters for drinking water needs. The facility is now a comfort zone for every member.

Spa and Beauty Salon

Our New Spa and Beauty Salon is Ready for Our Guests

Spa and Beauty Salon  Life today is incredibly stressful and fast-paced. Weeks and months pass by in a blur of meetings, errands, and small breaks in routine that allow ourselves to recharge a bit. Stress is one of the biggest problems that faces folks in busy nations where work hours are long and leisure time is lacking. While we cannot change the way the world works, we can do our best to try to minimize our stress and find ways to get calm and comfort, even during the busiest times.

Why not indulge in the highest quality, top-of-the-line luxury spa treatments that will help you relax away stress and leave feeling younger, well rested, and more fresh and clean than ever before. Our top notch salon is now open and ready for your business. We offer a huge array of sumptuous services for the most discerning of customers. We’re sure to have something, no matter how particular. From skin treatments and massages, to bikini trimming and other hair removal treatments, our spa offers the whole line of beauty services to meet the needs of the busy professional.

Why Indulge?

indulgeNot everyone has the luxury of being able to indulge in something like luxury spa services, but for those who can, it can really help one cope with the rigors of modern life. There is not much we can do to stop the fast pace of life or slow down the speed of business. The best we can hope for is to find ways to better cope and manage modern stresses. This means that we have to take time for ourselves and make this a priority.

When you make reducing stress and providing yourself with small rewards, you help make life more manageable and rewarding. After a hard week at work, who wouldn’t feel better after being pampered and massaged?


A Wide Array of Services

We offer a whole line of high quality spa services. From skin care treatments, massages, specialized treatments, and even hair removal services, we offer something for everyone. We are your one-stop spot for the highest quality health and beauty services in the area. We guarantee that you will leave our sumptuous spa feeling fresh and clean, rejuvenated, and ready to face the world anew.

Boost Self-Confidence and Reduce Stress

 Not only does having a nice spa day reduce stress by way of slowing down the pace of life and simply enjoying something so simple as a nice facial mask, it can also help boost self-confidence. When you have a full-line of spa treatments, you can literally see the results. You will leave with smooth, clear, and bright skin that is glowing with health.

The positive impacts of this cannot be overstated. Self-confidence is an important quality that many people are lacking. Small things that help to boost this, while also helping to keep us calm and reduce stress, are a great way to help manage the stress of today’s world. After a nice spa treatment, you not only feel rejuvenated, you look it too.

When it comes to dealing with today’s rigorous and fast-paced world, we need as much help as we can get. Regular sessions at our top notch spa and beauty clinic are just the thing to help reduce stress and provide moments of serene enjoyment in our super busy lives. Indulging in spa services not only helps to reduce stress, it can also give you a boost in self-confidence. With glowing and smooth skin and a stress-free mind, you are more likely to be able to face the tests that the world regularly throws at us.

A New Make Up Room Has Taken Into Service In Coloma

We are happy to announce the new makeup room service for your special days. We will be publishing new content for every month.

Let’s start with flat irons for your Natural Hair!

For getting a flat iron it would be easy to search in the internet but it may be wrong. There were so many irons like ceramic, ionic, nano, silver and titanium and it couldn’t possible to come out with a conclusion, although they all are used in same way but ultimate result will be different depending how you use them and on the brand. Before starting make sure that the flat iron you are going to buy match the following criteria:

1.) 100% Ceramic – Not Nano!
You have to be extremely cautious here. Some of the famous branded flat iron advertises that they use ceramic plates but here are the tricks, they don’t say its 100% ceramic because they use just ceramic coating, though most of the branded flat irons last longer because of their good quality. By mistake if you ever purchase a local quality flat iron you will notice there are some area where you will clearly see the metal and the fake ceramic coating. If you ever use this type of flat iron it will instantly burn your hair. You can use Ceramic or tourmaline-ceramic plates which are good conductors of heat and they will make your hair silky and smooth also.

2.) Added Tourmaline or Titanium:
If you want that your hair look more shinier, silkier and smoother then add tourmaline or titanium flat iron because the negative ions from tourmaline or titanium will definitely turn your hair into a different level.

3.) Small Plates – No More than 1 1/2 inches Wide:
Try to flat iron your hair in small portion for the better result because natural hair is thick. If you do it in large your curly roots will not smooth.

4.) Ability to Change Temperature Setting:
You might think that every flat irons have various temperature setting. But the answer is negative. You will get many flat irons like “Chi original” with just a single temperature setting which is usually 400 degrees. If you have a variety of temperature setting you can test which is best for you. The fact is actually you need not go above 350 degrees.
Tips for Flat Ironing  in Our New Service Coloma Country Hotel
1.) First completely dry your hair and do not apply flat iron when your hair is wet.

2.) If your hair is a bit curly then give it a blow dry on low to release curl pattern.
3.) If you can, to get the desired hair style just keeps the heat lowest in your flat iron.
4.) To avoid the risk of avoid damage always use a good heat protector.
5.) Just use a flat iron for your hair in less than 1-inch section. Always start from the hair roots and goes up to the top. Remember do not go twice over the same section.


Finally, it can be easily claimed that you have got the exact information on what to look for when buying a flat iron for natural hair. It will be a great suggestion for you to follow all the guidelines discussed above.


Renewed Bathrooms at Coloma Country Inn

 toiletsA good bathroom should not only have efficient lighting and interior décor, but also a reliable toilet. At Coloma country inn, we have remodeled our bathrooms by installing the newest toilets from the top brands in the market. We take into account the need to conserve water, and therefore we also installed the WaterSense certified toilets. These are low-flow toilets that use 1.28 gallons of water per flush.

Our refurbishing work includes high-quality finishing materials. The bathroom walls and floors are impressive, and the types of toilets compliments with the entire bathroom fixtures. Even the countertops match with the flooring finish and the lighting scheme. We installed various toilet designs including the popular versions found in many clubs and hotels. The curved models are easy to clean, while the wall hung versions give the bathrooms an additional appeal.

 impressiveLooking for a reliable toilet can be a daunting task given the many brands available in the market today. We used various methods to determine what to buy and what not to buy. It was not an easy job, but we eventually landed on the best brands based on various considerations. It is worth noting that the price is not the core determinant of quality. First, check the features you need, and then consider the price.

Therefore, here are the things we considered before buying the toilets;

Flush rating

We were concerned about the usage of water in our facility, and therefore the choice of low flow toilets was geared towards conserving water. Already the traditional toilets have been replaced with modern models to reduce the wastage of water. Some of the new toilets use 1.2 gallons of water per flush but provide a powerful flush that leaves the bowl as clean as a brand new. In other words, we searched for WaterSense certified toilets. These are the best toilets for minimal water usage. Read more on best toilets

Flush pressure

An ideal toilet should be able to flush all the waste once and leave the toilet bowl as clean as possible. We have both pressure-assist and gravity toilets because there are areas where people tends to use toilets more frequently. For instance, toilets serving near the halls should have pressure-assist toilets so that the waste is flushed completely with just a single flush. In the hotel rooms, the gravity toilets can be used appropriately because there are fewer people to use the toilets.

Ease of cleaning

cleaningWe use the best detergents and disinfectants to keep our bathrooms clean. However, this did not prevent us from selecting toilets with a high quality finish that is easy to clean. One-piece toilets are the easiest to clean, though they are more costly than the other models. The toilets don’t stain even when used frequently. However, they are heavier than the other models because the tank and toilet bowl are separate. But we were ready to hire a professional plumber to handle the installation task.

Toilet height

The standard toilet height ranges from 15 to 16 inches, and it is designed for a normal human height. Any person taller than 17 inches may not be comfortable when using a 15-inch toilet. Also, the disabled people may not be able to use the toilets contentedly. At Coloma country inn, we have taken into account all the users. Whether you are disabled or taller than the normal height, we have toilets that will suit your needs fully. Our toilets are perfect and you will never feel any kind of some backache after a toilet session.

Toilet bowl size

sizeComfort in the bathroom is very important, and that is why we chose the best toilet bowls. People have different sizes and shapes, and therefore the elongated bowls are the most common in our remodeled bathrooms. This is because they offer more comfort to the users compared to the rounded toilet bowls. Our bathrooms are big enough to accommodate the 2-inch elongated bowls and allow ease of opening and closing of the door.

Water usage

For water conservation purposes, we have installed dual flush toilets in almost all the bathrooms. They have controls or buttons for flushing either liquid or solid wastes. For instance, every button is rated based on gallons of water per flush (gpf). The liquid waste uses a 0.8 gpf, while solid waste uses a 1.6 gpf. This means that when flushing liquid waste, less water is required than when flushing solid waste. Therefore, there is a sense of water conservation in every flush.

When we were looking for toilets to install in the refurbished bathrooms, we did not rely entirely on price. This is because there are new brands with top notch toilets that come at reduced price compared to those old brands. The established brands have high-end toilet models but at higher prices. However, the important thing is to get the best toilet model with the right features you want.


well designed kitchen

Remodeled Kitchen and Common Areas

well designed kitchenA well-designed kitchen is one of the essential areas in any hotel. It should comprise the basic facilities to enhance ease of working and sustainability. For instance, kitchen faucets and garbage disposals are some of the vital things every kitchen should have. Switching from old versioned faucets to new ones gives the kitchen a new look, as well as making the worker’s life comfortable and easier.

The Coloma country inn hotel has taken a step forward by remodeling its kitchen through the installation of new and efficient faucets. In addition, the modern garbage disposals have been included to provide an easier method of disposing of food wastes. Since there are many different types of kitchen faucets in the market, people may find it difficult to understand the best models. Depending on which you have been using, here are the options of faucets you should know.

Single handled kitchen faucets

Single handled kitchen faucetsThese are kitchen faucets with a single handle to control water flow and temperature. They are commonly found in many social facilities including hotels and restaurants because they are easy to use. They require only a single hole to install on the countertop, and the arch design allows the user to wash even larger dishes easily in the sink. You can turn the handle up and down to regulate water flow, while the temperature is controlled by tilting the handle either side. The handle is ideal because you can control the amount of water required for washing the dishes or foods in the sink. We checked all our options on

Double handled kitchen faucets

Double handled kitchen faucetsThe Coloma country inn has installed these double-handled faucets because they have a more sensitive water flow and temperature control feature. They have double hot and cold water regulators, making them efficient even when one regulator is not functioning properly. We considered installing a few of them because the user can utilize one control if the other is leaking. Therefore, no given time the work will stop due to leakages on one of the controls. Also, the unit comes with spares to ensure that replacement can be done on either faucet or the handle.

Hand-free kitchen faucets

The hand free faucets use a sensor to detect contact or movement so that the valve can open. They don’t have a handle to regulate water flow and temperature, and therefore they are more advanced and easy to use. Even though they might feel so sophisticated compared to other types, they are quite ideal for modern smart kitchens. The sensor opens and shuts automatically, and thus these faucets are more precise for water conservation. They use long lasting batteries but they should be replaced whenever they dry out.

Hand-free kitchen faucetsNow you have understood the common kitchen faucet options in the market. We have installed several of them depending on the nature of the sinks. Our aim is to make the facility quite reliable. In addition to the kitchen faucets, we have also included garbage disposals in the kitchens. The models are capable of grinding food wastes and push them into the main drain without leaving wastes behind. We have eliminated the regular trips to garbage pits, and also we have minimized the use of plastic bags to store food wastes.

Garbage disposals are very effective for efficient management of food wastes in the kitchen. Don’t forget that the food wastes stored in a bin can attract unwanted ‘visitors’ in the kitchen. Our facility is a place for our members and we do not want to embarrass them at any given time.

However, the disposal should be taken care of so that it can serve for a longer time. Here are the guidelines on how to take care of the garbage disposal.

Running it regularly

garbage disposalThis is not an issue in our facility given that there is a lot of food wastes generated continuously. However, the unit should be run regularly to keep the moving parts in proper condition. The user should pour water to get rid of any buildup wastes, and also prevent any bad odor.

Use cold water to rinse

A garbage disposal will serve for a longer time if the blades can chop the wastes well and prevent clogging the system. Use of cold water is highly recommended to ensure that the waste is hardened and can be chopped into smaller pieces easily. Hot water softens the materials, making it difficult for the blades to grind appropriately.

Cut the wastes into smaller pieces

Food wastes such veggies and fruit peels should be reduced into smaller sizes before grinding. Hard materials such as bones should not be put into the unit because the blades may jam or get damaged. Our disposals are high-end models that can grind soft bones such as chicken or fish bones. However, if you are not sure don’t put hard materials in the garbage disposal. Read more on


Our Local Bar and Winery

 local barEveryone dreams of enjoying the California wines, which are the most sought after drinks worldwide. In Coloma, wines are produced from the naturally grown grapes and stocked in impressive bottles that reflect the personality of every drinker. At the Coloma country inn, we have all types of wines including the reds and whites you would ever want. It is for the best interest of our members, and that is why we take into considerations the quality through improved wine storage techniques.

 wineIf you want some of the best mouth-watering wines with the best flavors and aromas, our hotel has a wide variety for you. We have a local bar and winery that provide an ideal joint for every wine lover. In addition, you will be served with those Italian sausages spiced with peppers and onions. Even though many clubs and hotels stock wines for their customers, we are unmatched as far as wine storage is concerned. The method and techniques of storing wines determine its quality. We have the best world’s wine coolers from the top rated brands but we considered a few aspects before we selected the wine coolers.

Therefore, here are the things that helped us choose the perfect wine coolers;


 wine storageThis is the ability of the wine cooler to store a good number of wine bottles for our members. We chose wine fridges that can cater for the increasing demand for wine. Every unit can accommodate more than 260 bottles. This is a good collection depending on the number of visitors at different seasons. There are different types of wine refrigerators, but the capacity is always important. So, the last thing we would want is having less stock that does not meet the needs of our members. Therefore, all members can rest assured of enough wines to tuck their throats whenever they need.

Racking options

rackingA wine cooler with adequate shelves and racks is the best for wine stocking. We have all kinds of fridges with racking styles to allow the wine bottles lay perfectly and securely. Since wine bottles should be stored on their sides, the racking styles ensure the wine itself is in contact with the cork so that the quality is preserved throughout. Some of the types of wine coolers feature chrome plated shelves, interchangeable chrome racks, and built-in plastic racks. The chrome plated options are ideal for wine storage because you can view the bottles easily, add more when needed, and access easily whenever a customer makes an order.

The interior lighting

We understand the need to preserve the quality of wines for the best interest of our members. Since we have been dealing with wines for quite some time, there is no doubt our wines are well maintained. The natural light and incandescent light sources tend to spoil the quality of wines. That is why we have wine coolers with LED interior lighting because it maintains the quality of the wine, as well as providing suitable illumination to the wine bottles. This is perfect when it comes to selecting specific wine bottles according to orders made by our customers.

Ideal temperature

wine temperatureWe have wine coolers with both single temperature and dual temperature zones to cater for different types of wines. The singles temperature zone is for keeping wine at a constant temperature, while the dual zone helps us store different wines at specific temperatures.

The Three Basic Features to Consider When Buying a Wine Cooler


The features of a wine cooler are more important when choosing the right unit. Apart from humidity and temperature, you also need a unit with separate cooling compartments to store different types of wines. This will also save time when picking specific wine bottle because you can locate them easily. The wine fridges with pull-out shelves are effective for storing different bottle sizes. If you need high-end models, choose those with UV protected glass, temperature control, and remote control features.

Wine quality

qualityThe new wine coolers come with RemoteVision feature and Wi-Fi enabled so that they can monitor the functionality of the unit. In case there is a fault in temperature regulation, the manufacturer will be notified immediately so that an appropriate action can be taken. They can help you prevent losing the investment by providing useful information about the fridge’s condition. This ensures your wines are in good condition throughout.


sizeAlways go for a wine cooler with adequate space to store wines. This is very important especially if you want to add more bottles for your guests. Don’t forget wines come in different bottle sizes and should be kept on their sides. Therefore the wine fridge should be able to hold the types of wines you want to keep.

Even though we have the best wine coolers, we did not forget to choose good looking units. Our fridges are elegant with impressive interior LED lighting and smoked glass. They not only help us keep the wines in the right condition but also add some sense of uniqueness and class to our facility.

cold weather

Coloma is Cold – We Have the Precaution

 cold weatherGiven the low temperatures in Coloma during the winter season, we have already provided a lasting solution to our members. The rooms in the Coloma country inn have central heating systems that utilize smart thermostats in temperature regulation. The climate fluctuates from as low as 10 to 19 degrees Celsius, depending on the seasons. Since it is difficult to predict the weather changes, it is necessary to have a heating system to control the climate in the rooms. We have integrated a reliable air conditioning system for our members to have a comfortable environment throughout their stay.

smart thermostatsMany visitors to this place might experience different weather conditions especially for those from the warmer areas. Whether you are a frequent or a new visitor, we have a solution for you. Your stay in our hotel will be enjoyable and comfortable regardless of the low temperatures. This is facilitated by the use of smart thermostats, which enhance energy saving through remote climate regulation. If you are away from the hotel room, you can adjust the climate while on your way back. It also allows us to save energy because space is heated whenever required.

Energy efficiency is achieved through Wi-Fi enabled thermostats since they can be programmed and operated automatically based on current weather conditions. They can heat the space at different times by use of sensors that detect the presence or absence of an occupant. Others can sense movements in the house and start heating based on the setting you have programmed. Some of the features such as one-degree temperature differential help to maintain a steady heating such that the occupants will never experience a change in temperature before the thermostat turns on or off.

A smart thermostat utilizes an Internet Protocol (IP) network to connect to the internet. The user can access the thermostat through a mobile device such as smartphone or tablet, and send instructions remotely without operating the thermostat itself. Our thermostats have sensors to control cooling and heating within the facility and can be operated from any location. We usually recommend programming the device to correspond to user’s routine.

air conditioningOur facility has various offices for our members to continue with their office duties during their stay. This has also given our hotel an additional value. This is because new visitors can hire the offices to avoid extreme weather conditions in other areas. Our offices have air conditioning systems for ideal office working environment. Due to the use of smart thermostats, the temperature can be monitored remotely even when you are not in the office. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities, you don’t need to set a reminder to switch off the thermostat. You just do it while in the fields by a few taps on your smartphone.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

smart thermostat controlsOne of the greatest benefits of a smart thermostat is the ability to save energy. This is achieved by programming the thermostat. If you are not using the room, no need to heat the space. This helps in saving energy consumption. Our thermostats are programmed to heat the rooms whenever there are occupants. If it is a meeting which is going to take place later during the day, space is heated prior to the meeting. Once the activity is over, the thermostat turns off automatically. There is nothing to worry even if you have forgotten to switch off the heating because the thermostat is programmed to do the task on your behalf.

Smart thermostats can be programmed based on when you want to heat a space. This ensures the heating is done at the right time and in the right space. Those rooms without occupants are not heated because the thermostat can be programmed to sense movement of the occupants or the time when the occupant is likely to be present. The thermostat will switch on prior to the occupant and regulate the climate accordingly. You will find the temperature in the room is perfect, without operating the system manually. If you forget to switch off the heating, you don’t need to go back in the room. You can switch off using your mobile device regardless of your location.

 controlsWhen you land in Coloma during cold weather, you don’t need worry because our hotel is conducive to stay. Our rooms are heated using smart thermostats, ensuring that at all times the climate is regulated. The modern smart thermostats have one-degree temperature differential, which means temperature difference of 0.5 degrees Celsius is detected. When you set a heating temperature of 50 degrees, the thermostat will turn on or off when the temperature falls or rises by 0.5 degrees Celsius respectively. Therefore, the thermostat will turn on if the temperature falls to 49.5 degrees and turn off if it rises to 50.5 degrees. This ensures the occupants will never experience any change in temperatures.

clean water

Water Treatment in Coloma – Clean water for our Members

clean waterOne of the essentials of a good social facility is the ability to provide clean water to its members. Even though there is a supply of bottled water, it is better to have a water treatment system. This is to ensure the members get clean and safe drinking water. Softened water is ideal for shower and washing clothes, while filtered water is mainly for drinking. For the best interests of our members, we have installed filters and water softeners in the facility.



Unlike in the recent past, our members will no longer spend more money on bottled water.
We understanwater filterd the facility holds several events and forums, and that is why we have both portable and point-of-use water filters. The

point-of-use filters are installed under the countertops and faucets such that you will always have clean water for drinking, brushing teeth, or washing hands.  The portable filters are there for outdoor events, especially for those that want to spend their free time hanging around the river.

The water softeners are basically for softening water, especially for shower and washing purposes. Every bathroom is supplied with softened water so that every member can enjoy a relaxing shower without a dry skin afterward. We understand hard water tends to make the skin appear rough and therefore softened water is the ideal for our honored members. The female members can enjoy a reliable shower because the softened water does not make the hair feel sticky and dry. Our aim is to ensure every member stays comfortable from the start to the end.


Apart from the filtered water, we have also reverse osmosis water for those that want purified water. Needs of people are different, and also health statuses are different. The filtered water contains essential minerals, which may not be necessary for some of our members. For instance, those with kidney problems want purified water. Therefore, the reverse osmosis system caters for their needs. Also, cancer patients would want purified water which is free from any contaminant because their immune system is weak due to chemotherapy treatment. We have RO water for such members.

Why We Have Installed Water Softeners

water softenerOne of the reasons as to why we have water softeners is to provide clean and reliable water for shower. Although our local water does not contain large amounts of salts, we have the softeners to get rid of those small quantities of calcium and sodium. We know the softened water is very effective in maintaining the skin texture and looks. So, we are confident that our members will enjoy the shower and maintain the prettiness of their skin.

smooth hairSecond, we want our members to have a good experience while in the facility. The softened water leaves the hair looking smooth and natural after a shower. Soaps and shampoos work best in softened water. The presence of salts in hard water reacts with soaps to form scum. This substance is left on the hair, making it appear dull and sticky. With our water softeners, you rest assured of getting the best out of every shower moment. Read more on

Third, we are dedicated to providing the best services to our members. Our water softeners remove the salts from hard water. Washing clothes with hard water can be harmful to the fabric and can damage them once trapped within the fabric. When hard water is used to wash clothes, the calcium and sodium salts tend to change the original color of the fabric. That is why you see some grimy gray color on the clothes. We have eliminated this problem through the installation of reliable water softeners.

Why We Have Installed Water Filters and RO system

water filter 2Water filters and reverse osmosis are some of the best methods of removing harmful particles from water. We installed water filters so that hazardous compounds such as heavy metals can be eliminated. Lead is one of the dangerous metals that may cause severe disorders if ingested. Therefore, the filtration and reverse osmosis systems ensure our members can get safe and clean drinking water.

Municipal water may contain harmful microorganisms, which may cause diseases if ingested. We don’t take chances, and therefore we have our water treatment system. Our members that might be undergoing cancer treatment deserve safe water for drinking. This is because their body immune is already weakened by chemotherapy. If these disease-causing microorganisms are ingested, their bodies may weaken further. Through the RO and water filtration systems, we have taken care of that.

purifiedLastly, our facility takes into consideration all needs of each and every member by having both filtration and reverse osmosis systems. Whether you want purified water or filtered water, you can get it right away. We understand the filtered water has the essential minerals, but purified water is ideal for people with kidney problems or high blood pressure.


The New Massage Center in Coloma Hotel

massageWelcome to the new massage center in Coloma Hotel, where they offer a wide range of massage services. Whether you want the most sought-after therapies such as Thai massage or Swedish massage, you rest assured of getting it. They have the best masseuses with vast skills in massage therapy. Even for those that want pregnancy massage, the Coloma Hotel has everything to offer.

The massage professionals are always willing and ready to satisfy your needs fully, and therefore you will get advice before and after the service. You will be guided on how to prepare for the massage, and how to keep your body fit after a massage. Undressing is not an issue because it depends on what you want, as well as your comfort. If you don’t feel like undressing your undergarments, the expert will advise further. Sometimes people are afraid of revealing their privacy, but you can be assured of professionalism when it comes to confidentiality.

calmThe massage therapy at Coloma Hotel is dedicated to solving problems of the members through specialized massage services. We understand many folks may have had a bad or boring massage experience, but we want you to get the best from our facility. Our experts have the knowledge to ensure you have the calming massage touch throughout the entire process. To make our members feel at home, we allow questions as far as massage therapy is concerned. This is aimed at making our clients stay comfortable without unwelcoming anxieties down the line. In case you want some soothing music during the session, it will be played for you.


Why Our Massage Center is the Best for You

With the right professionals, massage therapy should improve blood flow in the muscles. This helps get rid of lactic acid because oxygen supply is adequate. At Coloma Hotel, the masseuse will make your body relax and feel rejuvenated. The massage will enhance blood flow, and therefore boost nutrient supply into the tissues. We understand long-hour meeting can lead to fatigue and muscle exhaustion, and that is why we have massage services help our members.

dear bodyWe take care of all members no matter their health conditions.  For any member living with cancer or undergoing cancer treatment, massage therapy can be one of the ideal ways to feel revitalized and relaxed. Cancer patients undergo various pains including fatigue, depressions, and nausea. These symptoms are as a result of chemotherapy, which also reduces immune strength. Our massage experts know how to deal with these patients, and give them the best relaxation they deserve. The massage therapy helps in reducing pains and stress, hence improving the overall body health.

busy daysDuring conferences and events, you will have busy days and probably you will feel tired. Long hour meetings and conferences are likely to cause stress-related headaches. Prolonged emotional or psychological stress can cause heart disorders such as increased heartbeat rate. Our facility has some remedy to help you reduce stress. Our massage therapists have the skills to deal with stressed individuals, and you will get a relaxing massage that will calm your nerves. The professionals understand the relationship among the nervous systems, and they know how to restore normalcy through perfect massage therapy.

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, a good massage can reduce the chances of getting hypertension. This can only be achieved if you get the right professional masseuses to do the job. Our facility has the best experts, and you will get what you want. They have been trained to handle different massage therapies based on an individual’s needs. Hypertensive people require specialized massage to improve blood flow to the tissues, and also reduce the heartbeat rate. This helps in regulating blood pressure, thus alleviating the risks of hypertension.

prolonged sittingOne of the main causes of neck related headaches is prolonged sitting. If you will be attending several meetings, probably your neck muscles may be stressed. This can also cause depression, which affects the normal functioning of the brain. The overall results will be exhausted body muscles and fatigue. To restore your energy, a reliable massage can be a better alternative. We have experts to give you a professional massage and boost your energy. This will help you wake up the following day and attend another meeting while feeling re-energized.

correct postureOur massage center is ideal even for aged people, especially those looking for an ideal way to correct their postures. Many members have been working in offices for quite some time. The poor sitting posture on the office chair can disrupt the normal shape of the spine structure. Therefore, our massage experts can help you correct your posture by giving specialized massage therapy. Spending time in the hotel will help you get regular massage and eventually get back your normal posture. We also have 8 massage chairs in our facility for our members to use. We carefully selected all the best massage chairs for your comfort. If you are interested in purchasing a massage chair, you can check the reviews on Massagexpert.


New Shower Facilities – Coloma Hotel Country Inn

shower fascilitiesAt Coloma Hotel Country Inn, we have elevated the comfort in the bathrooms by installing new shower facilities. Instead of those standard showerheads, we have replaced them with low-pressure models that give a relaxing shower experience to our members. Even though we take into consideration resource conservation, the new shower facilities give an equal amount of water required for every shower. Therefore, we ensured both water and energy are conserved as well as giving our members the best bath they deserve.

Our remodeling work went beyond the need to have reliable showerheads. The interior décor of the bathrooms complements with the personalities of the members. You can enjoy a hot shower or cold shower inside a modern and classy-looking bathroom. To ensure the showerheads are dependable and convenient, we made a wise selection from the best brands. We have a few of them made of metal, while others are made of pure solid brass to match with the other specific bathroom fixtures. The finishes are perfect because we chose several chrome finish and polished brass showerheads. One of our aims is to make the bathroom elegant and functional.

singleSince a number of people have been used to classic showerheads at home, we also installed a few single spray models to create non-disruptive change as far as their needs are concerned. Even though they are relatively cheaper, they still keep personality and style of our members higher. These models are found in many modern bathrooms, and that is why we included them. Interestingly, they are very customizable due to the adjustable nozzle for controlling water spray and shower patterns depending on the users’ needs. If you have been using these kinds of showerheads at home, you will feel like being in a new home where you can enjoy your shower just like any other day.

trendyOur facility is now a modern one, with the right shower facilities you would ever want. We have renovated the bathrooms and fitted the trendiest showerheads in the market. If you like using rain showerheads, we have installed several in various bathrooms. These models are becoming popular in many modern social facilities. We are not left out. We liked their design features especially the ability to spread water uniformly over a large surface area. It is just similar to raindrops, therefore making them ideal for a relaxing shower without too much hitting pressure on the body. They look rosy while in the bathroom and fits your style of shower similar to what you get while at home.

handheldSince people are different in terms of shower needs, we decided to install a number of handheld showerheads in several bathrooms. Those with issues such as backaches once they bend can use these showerheads to rinse the hard-to-reach areas. These are designed to detach from the wall, and the long hose is suitable for directing water jet to any corner of your body. Our seated showers are the most ideal for these showerheads because the user must not move or turn around while bathing. They provide a good shower experience, with enhancement in flexibility and adaptability. If your body size is bigger than the typical size, don’t worry. The showerhead will satisfy your bathing needs. Even people with over 6 inches in height should not be anxious because the hose is enough to rinse the whole body. The aged individuals will not want to bend or turn side-to-side, and this can be their ultimate showerhead to suit them.

relaxingWe have made our club an ideal place for even new members. Whether you love a cold or hot shower, our showerheads are effective for every purpose. They help you start your day with a relaxing shower. Remember, signs of a successful day start showing in the morning. When you have a comforting shower, you feel rejuvenated and boosted to begin the day’s activity. We have showerheads with a single lever and diverter valves. The lever is used to control water flow while the diverter valve controls water flow through a showerhead. However, we also have single and double showerheads. Actually, you have the options to choose what suits your needs fully.

 shower experienceEvery member deserves a tranquil shower experience, either after a busy day or in the morning before starting the day. If you are visiting the facility for an event or conference, be assured to experience the best and comfortable stay throughout the trip. We have almost all types of showerheads in our bathrooms, and bathtubs are also perfect in case you want to relax inside. The shower facilities are cleaned on a daily basis using high-quality detergents and disinfectants. We are always ready and able to make your trip end in style, and probably you will appreciate our services.

office chair

Home Office Usage in Coloma Hotel

stay and workWhether for corporate or government agents, Coloma Hotel is a suitable destination to stay and work comfortably throughout the period of your trip. This is enhanced by the availability of modern offices within the social facility which are equipped with the right furniture and fixtures. You can even meet new clients and hold meetings all day long while in the offices. They are just similar to home offices whereby you don’t wake up and drive to work. Your workstation is like your home, meaning you can spend several days in the hotel while doing business.

Office Chairs

office chairOne of the major things that make Coloma Hotel offices stand out is the availability of ideal office chairs. People are not willing to use poorly designed chairs because they usually cause back and neck pains, especially when used for long hours. Therefore, the hotel management decided to equip the facility with efficient chairs to suit the needs of those that want to work from the offices.

Here are the criteria we used in order to have the best reclining chairs for our members.

We have adjustable chairs

We are proud to announce our chairs are ergonomic, and the users can adjust the height depending on the posture. Even the seats are adjustable based on the size of the user, while the tilt features and tension control help in supporting the weight of the user. We also advise our clients to adjust the chairs until they fit their desired sitting posture. This is to assist them in staying healthy. In other words, we have ergonomically designed office chairs to maintain the good health of our members.

We selected stable and sturdy office chairs

sturdyIt is our responsibility to ensure the members stay comfortable in the offices, and that is why we chose stable and strong chairs. They are from the best brands, and most of them are 5 legged to ensure they don’t swing unconditionally. In addition to base stability, the wheels and casters are made of high-quality material so that they can offer maximum support to the users. Since people have different weights, we chose chairs with casters that fit well into the base.

Professionally assembled chairs

After the chair parts were bought, we hired professionals to assemble them. This is because the parts should be fixed appropriately to avoid unnecessary breakdown over time. Even those that were delivered already assembled, we checked if all the parts were in order before putting them into specific offices. We understand the difficult task of securing the casters and wheels into the base, and therefore we left the entire job to experts. This is to ensure our members don’t get disappointed as they use them.

Ideal for the office floors

officeMany of our offices have both smooth and hard surfaces, but still, there are a few with carpets. However, all the offices have their own chairs depending on the nature of the floor. For those that want office chairs with wheels, you can choose to work in offices with hard floors so that you can spin with the chair around the worktable. The offices with tiled floors have been equipped with chairs with soft casters. Basically, we have taken care of all your office sitting needs as far as comfort and safety are concerned.

We inspect the chairs regularly

The office chairs are part of the hotel’s investment. Therefore, it is our mandate to inspect the condition of the chairs regularly to ensure they are well maintained. Whenever parts loosen, our technicians are always available to tighten them. This helps our members to have comfortable working environment while in the facility without experiencing backaches due to poorly kept office chairs. So far, we have been replacing the worn out parts or replacing the chairs that are not fit for our members.slouch

The office chairs are modern and contemporary fit for our members because they deserve a sense of style. We replaced the older models, but the transitional chairs are available for anyone interested in using them. Since most of the chairs are ergonomic, they are suitable for any kind of office job. For those people that want to work for long hours, the chairs are perfect for that purpose. We understand people have different tastes and preferences, especially those that want to tilt often. This is fully catered for because we have models with tilting features to ensure every need o members is taken care of.

Lastly, we advise anyone out there to avoid slouching on the office chairs because it may stress the spine structures. Even though ergonomic chairs have a lumbar support, putting more weight on one side may cause backaches and neck related headaches. It is also advisable to work at close range on the desk so that you don’t lean too much to reach the computer.