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Water Treatment in Coloma – Clean water for our Members

clean waterOne of the essentials of a good social facility is the ability to provide clean water to its members. Even though there is a supply of bottled water, it is better to have a water treatment system. This is to ensure the members get clean and safe drinking water. Softened water is ideal for shower and washing clothes, while filtered water is mainly for drinking. For the best interests of our members, we have installed filters and water softeners in the facility.



Unlike in the recent past, our members will no longer spend more money on bottled water.
We understanwater filterd the facility holds several events and forums, and that is why we have both portable and point-of-use water filters. The

point-of-use filters are installed under the countertops and faucets such that you will always have clean water for drinking, brushing teeth, or washing hands.  The portable filters are there for outdoor events, especially for those that want to spend their free time hanging around the river.

The water softeners are basically for softening water, especially for shower and washing purposes. Every bathroom is supplied with softened water so that every member can enjoy a relaxing shower without a dry skin afterward. We understand hard water tends to make the skin appear rough and therefore softened water is the ideal for our honored members. The female members can enjoy a reliable shower because the softened water does not make the hair feel sticky and dry. Our aim is to ensure every member stays comfortable from the start to the end.


Apart from the filtered water, we have also reverse osmosis water for those that want purified water. Needs of people are different, and also health statuses are different. The filtered water contains essential minerals, which may not be necessary for some of our members. For instance, those with kidney problems want purified water. Therefore, the reverse osmosis system caters for their needs. Also, cancer patients would want purified water which is free from any contaminant because their immune system is weak due to chemotherapy treatment. We have RO water for such members.

Why We Have Installed Water Softeners

water softenerOne of the reasons as to why we have water softeners is to provide clean and reliable water for shower. Although our local water does not contain large amounts of salts, we have the softeners to get rid of those small quantities of calcium and sodium. We know the softened water is very effective in maintaining the skin texture and looks. So, we are confident that our members will enjoy the shower and maintain the prettiness of their skin.

smooth hairSecond, we want our members to have a good experience while in the facility. The softened water leaves the hair looking smooth and natural after a shower. Soaps and shampoos work best in softened water. The presence of salts in hard water reacts with soaps to form scum. This substance is left on the hair, making it appear dull and sticky. With our water softeners, you rest assured of getting the best out of every shower moment. Read more on

Third, we are dedicated to providing the best services to our members. Our water softeners remove the salts from hard water. Washing clothes with hard water can be harmful to the fabric and can damage them once trapped within the fabric. When hard water is used to wash clothes, the calcium and sodium salts tend to change the original color of the fabric. That is why you see some grimy gray color on the clothes. We have eliminated this problem through the installation of reliable water softeners.

Why We Have Installed Water Filters and RO system

water filter 2Water filters and reverse osmosis are some of the best methods of removing harmful particles from water. We installed water filters so that hazardous compounds such as heavy metals can be eliminated. Lead is one of the dangerous metals that may cause severe disorders if ingested. Therefore, the filtration and reverse osmosis systems ensure our members can get safe and clean drinking water.

Municipal water may contain harmful microorganisms, which may cause diseases if ingested. We don’t take chances, and therefore we have our water treatment system. Our members that might be undergoing cancer treatment deserve safe water for drinking. This is because their body immune is already weakened by chemotherapy. If these disease-causing microorganisms are ingested, their bodies may weaken further. Through the RO and water filtration systems, we have taken care of that.

purifiedLastly, our facility takes into consideration all needs of each and every member by having both filtration and reverse osmosis systems. Whether you want purified water or filtered water, you can get it right away. We understand the filtered water has the essential minerals, but purified water is ideal for people with kidney problems or high blood pressure.

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