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Remodeled Kitchen and Common Areas

well designed kitchenA well-designed kitchen is one of the essential areas in any hotel. It should comprise the basic facilities to enhance ease of working and sustainability. For instance, kitchen faucets and garbage disposals are some of the vital things every kitchen should have. Switching from old versioned faucets to new ones gives the kitchen a new look, as well as making the worker’s life comfortable and easier.

The Coloma country inn hotel has taken a step forward by remodeling its kitchen through the installation of new and efficient faucets. In addition, the modern garbage disposals have been included to provide an easier method of disposing of food wastes. Since there are many different types of kitchen faucets in the market, people may find it difficult to understand the best models. Depending on which you have been using, here are the options of faucets you should know.

Single handled kitchen faucets

Single handled kitchen faucetsThese are kitchen faucets with a single handle to control water flow and temperature. They are commonly found in many social facilities including hotels and restaurants because they are easy to use. They require only a single hole to install on the countertop, and the arch design allows the user to wash even larger dishes easily in the sink. You can turn the handle up and down to regulate water flow, while the temperature is controlled by tilting the handle either side. The handle is ideal because you can control the amount of water required for washing the dishes or foods in the sink. We checked all our options on faucetmag.com

Double handled kitchen faucets

Double handled kitchen faucetsThe Coloma country inn has installed these double-handled faucets because they have a more sensitive water flow and temperature control feature. They have double hot and cold water regulators, making them efficient even when one regulator is not functioning properly. We considered installing a few of them because the user can utilize one control if the other is leaking. Therefore, no given time the work will stop due to leakages on one of the controls. Also, the unit comes with spares to ensure that replacement can be done on either faucet or the handle.

Hand-free kitchen faucets

The hand free faucets use a sensor to detect contact or movement so that the valve can open. They don’t have a handle to regulate water flow and temperature, and therefore they are more advanced and easy to use. Even though they might feel so sophisticated compared to other types, they are quite ideal for modern smart kitchens. The sensor opens and shuts automatically, and thus these faucets are more precise for water conservation. They use long lasting batteries but they should be replaced whenever they dry out.

Hand-free kitchen faucetsNow you have understood the common kitchen faucet options in the market. We have installed several of them depending on the nature of the sinks. Our aim is to make the facility quite reliable. In addition to the kitchen faucets, we have also included garbage disposals in the kitchens. The models are capable of grinding food wastes and push them into the main drain without leaving wastes behind. We have eliminated the regular trips to garbage pits, and also we have minimized the use of plastic bags to store food wastes.

Garbage disposals are very effective for efficient management of food wastes in the kitchen. Don’t forget that the food wastes stored in a bin can attract unwanted ‘visitors’ in the kitchen. Our facility is a place for our members and we do not want to embarrass them at any given time.

However, the disposal should be taken care of so that it can serve for a longer time. Here are the guidelines on how to take care of the garbage disposal.

Running it regularly

garbage disposalThis is not an issue in our facility given that there is a lot of food wastes generated continuously. However, the unit should be run regularly to keep the moving parts in proper condition. The user should pour water to get rid of any buildup wastes, and also prevent any bad odor.

Use cold water to rinse

A garbage disposal will serve for a longer time if the blades can chop the wastes well and prevent clogging the system. Use of cold water is highly recommended to ensure that the waste is hardened and can be chopped into smaller pieces easily. Hot water softens the materials, making it difficult for the blades to grind appropriately.

Cut the wastes into smaller pieces

Food wastes such veggies and fruit peels should be reduced into smaller sizes before grinding. Hard materials such as bones should not be put into the unit because the blades may jam or get damaged. Our disposals are high-end models that can grind soft bones such as chicken or fish bones. However, if you are not sure don’t put hard materials in the garbage disposal. Read more on disposalmag.com

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