Our Local Bar and Winery

 local barEveryone dreams of enjoying the California wines, which are the most sought after drinks worldwide. In Coloma, wines are produced from the naturally grown grapes and stocked in impressive bottles that reflect the personality of every drinker. At the Coloma country inn, we have all types of wines including the reds and whites you would ever want. It is for the best interest of our members, and that is why we take into considerations the quality through improved wine storage techniques.

 wineIf you want some of the best mouth-watering wines with the best flavors and aromas, our hotel has a wide variety for you. We have a local bar and winery that provide an ideal joint for every wine lover. In addition, you will be served with those Italian sausages spiced with peppers and onions. Even though many clubs and hotels stock wines for their customers, we are unmatched as far as wine storage is concerned. The method and techniques of storing wines determine its quality. We have the best world’s wine coolers from the top rated brands but we considered a few aspects before we selected the wine coolers.

Therefore, here are the things that helped us choose the perfect wine coolers;


 wine storageThis is the ability of the wine cooler to store a good number of wine bottles for our members. We chose wine fridges that can cater for the increasing demand for wine. Every unit can accommodate more than 260 bottles. This is a good collection depending on the number of visitors at different seasons. There are different types of wine refrigerators, but the capacity is always important. So, the last thing we would want is having less stock that does not meet the needs of our members. Therefore, all members can rest assured of enough wines to tuck their throats whenever they need.

Racking options

rackingA wine cooler with adequate shelves and racks is the best for wine stocking. We have all kinds of fridges with racking styles to allow the wine bottles lay perfectly and securely. Since wine bottles should be stored on their sides, the racking styles ensure the wine itself is in contact with the cork so that the quality is preserved throughout. Some of the types of wine coolers feature chrome plated shelves, interchangeable chrome racks, and built-in plastic racks. The chrome plated options are ideal for wine storage because you can view the bottles easily, add more when needed, and access easily whenever a customer makes an order.

The interior lighting

We understand the need to preserve the quality of wines for the best interest of our members. Since we have been dealing with wines for quite some time, there is no doubt our wines are well maintained. The natural light and incandescent light sources tend to spoil the quality of wines. That is why we have wine coolers with LED interior lighting because it maintains the quality of the wine, as well as providing suitable illumination to the wine bottles. This is perfect when it comes to selecting specific wine bottles according to orders made by our customers.

Ideal temperature

wine temperatureWe have wine coolers with both single temperature and dual temperature zones to cater for different types of wines. The singles temperature zone is for keeping wine at a constant temperature, while the dual zone helps us store different wines at specific temperatures.

The Three Basic Features to Consider When Buying a Wine Cooler


The features of a wine cooler are more important when choosing the right unit. Apart from humidity and temperature, you also need a unit with separate cooling compartments to store different types of wines. This will also save time when picking specific wine bottle because you can locate them easily. The wine fridges with pull-out shelves are effective for storing different bottle sizes. If you need high-end models, choose those with UV protected glass, temperature control, and remote control features.

Wine quality

qualityThe new wine coolers come with RemoteVision feature and Wi-Fi enabled so that they can monitor the functionality of the unit. In case there is a fault in temperature regulation, the manufacturer will be notified immediately so that an appropriate action can be taken. They can help you prevent losing the investment by providing useful information about the fridge’s condition. This ensures your wines are in good condition throughout.


sizeAlways go for a wine cooler with adequate space to store wines. This is very important especially if you want to add more bottles for your guests. Don’t forget wines come in different bottle sizes and should be kept on their sides. Therefore the wine fridge should be able to hold the types of wines you want to keep.

Even though we have the best wine coolers, we did not forget to choose good looking units. Our fridges are elegant with impressive interior LED lighting and smoked glass. They not only help us keep the wines in the right condition but also add some sense of uniqueness and class to our facility.

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