New Shower Facilities – Coloma Hotel Country Inn

shower fascilitiesAt Coloma Hotel Country Inn, we have elevated the comfort in the bathrooms by installing new shower facilities. Instead of those standard showerheads, we have replaced them with low-pressure models that give a relaxing shower experience to our members. Even though we take into consideration resource conservation, the new shower facilities give an equal amount of water required for every shower. Therefore, we ensured both water and energy are conserved as well as giving our members the best bath they deserve.

Our remodeling work went beyond the need to have reliable showerheads. The interior décor of the bathrooms complements with the personalities of the members. You can enjoy a hot shower or cold shower inside a modern and classy-looking bathroom. To ensure the showerheads are dependable and convenient, we made a wise selection from the best brands. We have a few of them made of metal, while others are made of pure solid brass to match with the other specific bathroom fixtures. The finishes are perfect because we chose several chrome finish and polished brass showerheads. One of our aims is to make the bathroom elegant and functional.

singleSince a number of people have been used to classic showerheads at home, we also installed a few single spray models to create non-disruptive change as far as their needs are concerned. Even though they are relatively cheaper, they still keep personality and style of our members higher. These models are found in many modern bathrooms, and that is why we included them. Interestingly, they are very customizable due to the adjustable nozzle for controlling water spray and shower patterns depending on the users’ needs. If you have been using these kinds of showerheads at home, you will feel like being in a new home where you can enjoy your shower just like any other day.

trendyOur facility is now a modern one, with the right shower facilities you would ever want. We have renovated the bathrooms and fitted the trendiest showerheads in the market. If you like using rain showerheads, we have installed several in various bathrooms. These models are becoming popular in many modern social facilities. We are not left out. We liked their design features especially the ability to spread water uniformly over a large surface area. It is just similar to raindrops, therefore making them ideal for a relaxing shower without too much hitting pressure on the body. They look rosy while in the bathroom and fits your style of shower similar to what you get while at home.

handheldSince people are different in terms of shower needs, we decided to install a number of handheld showerheads in several bathrooms. Those with issues such as backaches once they bend can use these showerheads to rinse the hard-to-reach areas. These are designed to detach from the wall, and the long hose is suitable for directing water jet to any corner of your body. Our seated showers are the most ideal for these showerheads because the user must not move or turn around while bathing. They provide a good shower experience, with enhancement in flexibility and adaptability. If your body size is bigger than the typical size, don’t worry. The showerhead will satisfy your bathing needs. Even people with over 6 inches in height should not be anxious because the hose is enough to rinse the whole body. The aged individuals will not want to bend or turn side-to-side, and this can be their ultimate showerhead to suit them.

relaxingWe have made our club an ideal place for even new members. Whether you love a cold or hot shower, our showerheads are effective for every purpose. They help you start your day with a relaxing shower. Remember, signs of a successful day start showing in the morning. When you have a comforting shower, you feel rejuvenated and boosted to begin the day’s activity. We have showerheads with a single lever and diverter valves. The lever is used to control water flow while the diverter valve controls water flow through a showerhead. However, we also have single and double showerheads. Actually, you have the options to choose what suits your needs fully.

 shower experienceEvery member deserves a tranquil shower experience, either after a busy day or in the morning before starting the day. If you are visiting the facility for an event or conference, be assured to experience the best and comfortable stay throughout the trip. We have almost all types of showerheads in our bathrooms, and bathtubs are also perfect in case you want to relax inside. The shower facilities are cleaned on a daily basis using high-quality detergents and disinfectants. We are always ready and able to make your trip end in style, and probably you will appreciate our services.

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