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Let’s start with flat irons for your Natural Hair!

For getting a flat iron it would be easy to search in the internet but it may be wrong. There were so many irons like ceramic, ionic, nano, silver and titanium and it couldn’t possible to come out with a conclusion, although they all are used in same way but ultimate result will be different depending how you use them and on the brand. Before starting make sure that the flat iron you are going to buy match the following criteria:

1.) 100% Ceramic – Not Nano!
You have to be extremely cautious here. Some of the famous branded flat iron advertises that they use ceramic plates but here are the tricks, they don’t say its 100% ceramic because they use just ceramic coating, though most of the branded flat irons last longer because of their good quality. By mistake if you ever purchase a local quality flat iron you will notice there are some area where you will clearly see the metal and the fake ceramic coating. If you ever use this type of flat iron it will instantly burn your hair. You can use Ceramic or tourmaline-ceramic plates which are good conductors of heat and they will make your hair silky and smooth also.

2.) Added Tourmaline or Titanium:
If you want that your hair look more shinier, silkier and smoother then add tourmaline or titanium flat iron because the negative ions from tourmaline or titanium will definitely turn your hair into a different level.

3.) Small Plates – No More than 1 1/2 inches Wide:
Try to flat iron your hair in small portion for the better result because natural hair is thick. If you do it in large your curly roots will not smooth.

4.) Ability to Change Temperature Setting:
You might think that every flat irons have various temperature setting. But the answer is negative. You will get many flat irons like “Chi original” with just a single temperature setting which is usually 400 degrees. If you have a variety of temperature setting you can test which is best for you. The fact is actually you need not go above 350 degrees.
Tips for Flat Ironing  in Our New Service Coloma Country Hotel
1.) First completely dry your hair and do not apply flat iron when your hair is wet.

2.) If your hair is a bit curly then give it a blow dry on low to release curl pattern.
3.) If you can, to get the desired hair style just keeps the heat lowest in your flat iron.
4.) To avoid the risk of avoid damage always use a good heat protector.
5.) Just use a flat iron for your hair in less than 1-inch section. Always start from the hair roots and goes up to the top. Remember do not go twice over the same section.


Finally, it can be easily claimed that you have got the exact information on what to look for when buying a flat iron for natural hair. It will be a great suggestion for you to follow all the guidelines discussed above.

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