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Home Office Usage in Coloma Hotel

stay and workWhether for corporate or government agents, Coloma Hotel is a suitable destination to stay and work comfortably throughout the period of your trip. This is enhanced by the availability of modern offices within the social facility which are equipped with the right furniture and fixtures. You can even meet new clients and hold meetings all day long while in the offices. They are just similar to home offices whereby you don’t wake up and drive to work. Your workstation is like your home, meaning you can spend several days in the hotel while doing business.

Office Chairs

office chairOne of the major things that make Coloma Hotel offices stand out is the availability of ideal office chairs. People are not willing to use poorly designed chairs because they usually cause back and neck pains, especially when used for long hours. Therefore, the hotel management decided to equip the facility with efficient chairs to suit the needs of those that want to work from the offices.

Here are the criteria we used in order to have the best reclining chairs for our members.

We have adjustable chairs

We are proud to announce our chairs are ergonomic, and the users can adjust the height depending on the posture. Even the seats are adjustable based on the size of the user, while the tilt features and tension control help in supporting the weight of the user. We also advise our clients to adjust the chairs until they fit their desired sitting posture. This is to assist them in staying healthy. In other words, we have ergonomically designed office chairs to maintain the good health of our members.

We selected stable and sturdy office chairs

sturdyIt is our responsibility to ensure the members stay comfortable in the offices, and that is why we chose stable and strong chairs. They are from the best brands, and most of them are 5 legged to ensure they don’t swing unconditionally. In addition to base stability, the wheels and casters are made of high-quality material so that they can offer maximum support to the users. Since people have different weights, we chose chairs with casters that fit well into the base.

Professionally assembled chairs

After the chair parts were bought, we hired professionals to assemble them. This is because the parts should be fixed appropriately to avoid unnecessary breakdown over time. Even those that were delivered already assembled, we checked if all the parts were in order before putting them into specific offices. We understand the difficult task of securing the casters and wheels into the base, and therefore we left the entire job to experts. This is to ensure our members don’t get disappointed as they use them.

Ideal for the office floors

officeMany of our offices have both smooth and hard surfaces, but still, there are a few with carpets. However, all the offices have their own chairs depending on the nature of the floor. For those that want office chairs with wheels, you can choose to work in offices with hard floors so that you can spin with the chair around the worktable. The offices with tiled floors have been equipped with chairs with soft casters. Basically, we have taken care of all your office sitting needs as far as comfort and safety are concerned.

We inspect the chairs regularly

The office chairs are part of the hotel’s investment. Therefore, it is our mandate to inspect the condition of the chairs regularly to ensure they are well maintained. Whenever parts loosen, our technicians are always available to tighten them. This helps our members to have comfortable working environment while in the facility without experiencing backaches due to poorly kept office chairs. So far, we have been replacing the worn out parts or replacing the chairs that are not fit for our members.slouch

The office chairs are modern and contemporary fit for our members because they deserve a sense of style. We replaced the older models, but the transitional chairs are available for anyone interested in using them. Since most of the chairs are ergonomic, they are suitable for any kind of office job. For those people that want to work for long hours, the chairs are perfect for that purpose. We understand people have different tastes and preferences, especially those that want to tilt often. This is fully catered for because we have models with tilting features to ensure every need o members is taken care of.

Lastly, we advise anyone out there to avoid slouching on the office chairs because it may stress the spine structures. Even though ergonomic chairs have a lumbar support, putting more weight on one side may cause backaches and neck related headaches. It is also advisable to work at close range on the desk so that you don’t lean too much to reach the computer.

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