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Coloma is Cold – We Have the Precaution

 cold weatherGiven the low temperatures in Coloma during the winter season, we have already provided a lasting solution to our members. The rooms in the Coloma country inn have central heating systems that utilize smart thermostats in temperature regulation. The climate fluctuates from as low as 10 to 19 degrees Celsius, depending on the seasons. Since it is difficult to predict the weather changes, it is necessary to have a heating system to control the climate in the rooms. We have integrated a reliable air conditioning system for our members to have a comfortable environment throughout their stay.

smart thermostatsMany visitors to this place might experience different weather conditions especially for those from the warmer areas. Whether you are a frequent or a new visitor, we have a solution for you. Your stay in our hotel will be enjoyable and comfortable regardless of the low temperatures. This is facilitated by the use of smart thermostats, which enhance energy saving through remote climate regulation. If you are away from the hotel room, you can adjust the climate while on your way back. It also allows us to save energy because space is heated whenever required.

Energy efficiency is achieved through Wi-Fi enabled thermostats since they can be programmed and operated automatically based on current weather conditions. They can heat the space at different times by use of sensors that detect the presence or absence of an occupant. Others can sense movements in the house and start heating based on the setting you have programmed. Some of the features such as one-degree temperature differential help to maintain a steady heating such that the occupants will never experience a change in temperature before the thermostat turns on or off.

A smart thermostat utilizes an Internet Protocol (IP) network to connect to the internet. The user can access the thermostat through a mobile device such as smartphone or tablet, and send instructions remotely without operating the thermostat itself. Our thermostats have sensors to control cooling and heating within the facility and can be operated from any location. We usually recommend programming the device to correspond to user’s routine.

air conditioningOur facility has various offices for our members to continue with their office duties during their stay. This has also given our hotel an additional value. This is because new visitors can hire the offices to avoid extreme weather conditions in other areas. Our offices have air conditioning systems for ideal office working environment. Due to the use of smart thermostats, the temperature can be monitored remotely even when you are not in the office. If you want to enjoy outdoor activities, you don’t need to set a reminder to switch off the thermostat. You just do it while in the fields by a few taps on your smartphone.

Benefits of Smart Thermostats

smart thermostat controlsOne of the greatest benefits of a smart thermostat is the ability to save energy. This is achieved by programming the thermostat. If you are not using the room, no need to heat the space. This helps in saving energy consumption. Our thermostats are programmed to heat the rooms whenever there are occupants. If it is a meeting which is going to take place later during the day, space is heated prior to the meeting. Once the activity is over, the thermostat turns off automatically. There is nothing to worry even if you have forgotten to switch off the heating because the thermostat is programmed to do the task on your behalf.

Smart thermostats can be programmed based on when you want to heat a space. This ensures the heating is done at the right time and in the right space. Those rooms without occupants are not heated because the thermostat can be programmed to sense movement of the occupants or the time when the occupant is likely to be present. The thermostat will switch on prior to the occupant and regulate the climate accordingly. You will find the temperature in the room is perfect, without operating the system manually. If you forget to switch off the heating, you don’t need to go back in the room. You can switch off using your mobile device regardless of your location.

 controlsWhen you land in Coloma during cold weather, you don’t need worry because our hotel is conducive to stay. Our rooms are heated using smart thermostats, ensuring that at all times the climate is regulated. The modern smart thermostats have one-degree temperature differential, which means temperature difference of 0.5 degrees Celsius is detected. When you set a heating temperature of 50 degrees, the thermostat will turn on or off when the temperature falls or rises by 0.5 degrees Celsius respectively. Therefore, the thermostat will turn on if the temperature falls to 49.5 degrees and turn off if it rises to 50.5 degrees. This ensures the occupants will never experience any change in temperatures.

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