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Coloma Country Hotel – Remodeled Facilities

remodelThe remodeling of Coloma Country Hotel has given the facility a new face look. Even though they have added new conveniences, the original fashioned charm has been maintained. Both interior and exterior designs have been overhauled to provide a more comfortable stay for the members. New, stylish, and durable concrete pavement has been installed which is suitable for those that want to spend their free time enjoying the outdoor breeze of Coloma. Other installations include lighting and well-landscaped gardens at the rear areas of the club. It is now a better place to hold events and conferences throughout the year.

Right from the entrance, the concrete driveway will direct you to the parking lot by the help of the signboards. However, the structural planning is quite ideal because no view blockage and anyone can view the surrounding and access the facility easily. The walking pavements are clean, while the patios are designated at different places near various amenities. Chairs and tables are placed on various patios for members to relax during day time. The summer seasons have been taken care of because members can relax and enjoy the sun, especially during weekends and holidays.

spaciousThe interior of the facility has been refurbished by adding more fixtures and replacing the old fashioned ones. There are spacious bathrooms with new showerheads and bathtubs. Whether you want a cold or hot shower in the morning, the showerheads are ideal for whichever purpose. In addition to the effective showerheads, the toilets are also quite reliable because they fit every user regardless of the height and size. They are WaterSense certified models and made from easy to clean material that leaves the toilet thoroughly sparkling by a single flush.


The facility’s management understa

modern faucetnds the need to satisfy the members, and therefore new sinks with modern faucets have been installed. The faucets have the best features such that the users do not strain while washing hands or brushing teeth. Depending on what you want, the faucets have specialized valves to regulate water temperature and flow. Back to the washrooms, the floor and walls have high-quality tiles. These enhance ease of cleaning so that the members can enjoy their shower without unpleasant odor.

The improvement work has put the facility at top notch because every asset has been bought from the best brands. In addition the many refurbishments, no more bottled water because of purified RO water system that caters for drinking water needs. The facility is now a comfort zone for every member.

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